Monday, August 25, 2014

ePattern and Tutorial - Flower Power Hair Accessory Organizer

Posted by Kashmira

A couple of months ago I had the joy of visiting my darling niece for a few days. Usually I'm denied the pleasure of dressing up a little girl in pretty frocks and doing her hair. That's coz I have a little guy who he has his own ideas about dressing up that involve wearing the same stinky blue car t-shirt 7 days a week (you can tell what the whole week's menu was just by looking at it) - but that's a different story. 

So of course when it came to doing all things girly with my little niece, I grabbed the opportunity with both ponytails. Although she's an easy-going toddler, not unruly at all, unfortunately the same cannot be said for her hair! And like every other little girl out there, she had a plethora of pins, rubber bands and the like. So to cut a long story short (and that's how her hair got too, by the end of my visit!), I got to design her a nice summery hair organizer that now hangs in her bathroom.

Here are some details about the project:

Level: Beginner/Intermediate. (No complex sewing techniques required other than sewing on curves.)

Time Required: 1 hour.

Finished Size: The finished organizer is approx 21" long and 5.5" wide.

Basic sewing supplies such as sewing machine, thread, needle, pins, cutting mat and rotary cutter (optional), scissors, ruler/ tape, tailor's chalk or fabric marker, iron for pressing.

Fabric supplies - This project requires relatively small pieces of fabric. So it you're into sewing, you might find these are already in your stash.

1. ¼ yard or 1 Fat Quarter fabric suitable for the Flower
2. ¼ yard or 1 Fat Quarter fabric suitable for the Flower Pot
3. ¼ yard or 1 Fat Quarter fabric for Stem (Green)
4. ¼ yard Batting
5. A piece of Felt that is 3” * 7” (Green)
6. A piece of slightly stiff clear plastic that is size 6” * 6”
7. A piece of stiff paper (eg Cereal box) that is size 1.5” * 13”
8. A Button up to 1.5” diameter in size that co-ordinates with the Flower fabric
9. A piece of Ribbon 4” long that co-ordinates with the Flower Fabric

Link to ePattern and Tutorial: Download the ePattern and Tutorial pdf here for $5.


This would make a marvelous and very functional gift for any little girl that dresses her tresses. What's more, it doesn't require any special materials. So go ahead and make one of these to tame those unruly hair clips and rubber bands that are hair today, gone tomorrow!

Again, here's the link to the pattern: Flower Power Hair Accessory Organizer on Craftsy. The price is $5. 


  1. This is an amazing idea! Kashmira you are such a cool and thoughtful aunt!

    - Priti

  2. Priti - Thank you. A cool niece deserves a cool aunt, don't you think ;)

  3. Hi,
    Can't wait to try this pattern .Unfortunately not able to click on the link.

    1. I'm so sorry the link was not working- we've fixed that!