Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pan Handle Covers: Our 'Hottest' idea yet!

Posted by Kashmira

Quick note: We're sending in this post to the September Sew Crazy Challenge at Crazy Little Projects. This month's theme happens to be In The Kitchen!

Here's a not-too-uncommon scene from our kitchen: Either my husband or I am cooking something mouth-watering in our beloved Lodge cast-iron pan (Sometimes we cook together and sometimes we fry solo). When it's all done we announce 'Dinner's ready!' with great panache, which swiftly turns to pan-ache as, in haste, we burn our fingers on the searing pan handle. Then once I stop pan-icking, I remind myself to make one of those nifty pan covers to safely man-handle my pan-handle.

I'm glad to say I've finally gotten around to doing it. (Making a pattern can sometimes be quite a process of trial and error. I didn't like the first one I made, so off it went from the frying pan into the fire!). Later I decided to make a corn-on-the-cob cover. I started by measuring the length and width of the pan handle. Next I drew a rectangle that measured (handle length + 1") by (handle width + 1"). Then I folded it in half lengthwise and drew and cut out a sort-of curvy triangle shape like so:

Next I cut out 2 rectangles each (that measured the same as our original one) from yellow polka-dotted fabric, yellow lining fabric and batting.

I made a sandwich by first placing the batting piece on work surface. Second placing the polka fabric right side up and third placing lining fabric on it wrong side up. Ditto for the other sandwich. Then I traced the outline of the curvy triangle template on both sandwiches and marked gaps about 2" wide for turning inside out.

Then I sewed around the outline and cut along it 1/4" away from the seam. Next I made notches to get those nice curves....

....  and turned them inside out.

After that I just put them together lining sides facing each other, sewed around and left a gap at the tapered end to slip onto the pan handle. 

Now for the detailing: I cut the husk by positioning the cob on some green felt to get its shape. And again on the opposite side. 

Then I just placed the husks on the cob and sewed around the edges. That's one corny pan handle cover ready!

Well, once I started I couldn't stop - it's like a Pan-dora's box opened up and I ended up making a couple more covers using the same curvy-triangle shape. For eg, I split the triangle into two parts - one part icecream and one part cone, seamed together. Then the rest of the steps were the same, with the addition of a cherry on top. Here's how:

For the next one - a fish, I split the triangle again, but this time on the tapered side. And of course I sewed a button onto the it. After all a fish without an eye is just 'fsh'.

And that's how one little pattern piece can result in completely different but equally delightful little covers. 

I haven't made all these yet, but will list them here anyway - a watermelon slice, Christmas tree, pie slice, pizza slice, carrot, okra, rocket....

So is there pan-demonium in your kitchen too? If you come up with an idea for using the curvy triangle and make a cover with it, don't forget to share it with us! 


  1. This is unbelievably cute!!! You are so creative. They are not only practical but so beautiful, I can imagine serving cornbread baked in the skillet with the corn handle cover, a fish fry with the fish one, the pizza or pie or carrot or okra or rocket...all are genius ideas!

    - Priti

  2. Priti - Lol, yes a pan handle to match the recipe is a great idea!