Monday, January 12, 2015

The Dishcloth Ran Away with the Spoon

We visited friends in St. Louis over New Year's Eve and I wanted to bring them small gifts. These days I prefer giving consumable and functional gifts, especially for grown-ups, because aren't most of us already weighed down by too much stuff? So my gifts consisted of Georgia-grown pecans, jars of locally canned pickled green tomatoes, homemade biscotti and hot chocolate mix and some appliqued dishcloths.

When I was in India last year, my mother took me to a wholesale cloth merchant where fabric goods are sold by weight. Once in a while you get lucky and find something good in this shop. I found a large swatch of cotton material with wide stripes that looked pretty much perfect for dishcloths. I started by cutting the big fabric into 6 dishcloth-sized pieces and hemming each one. Easy peasy.

Some embellishment was called for. My quilting teacher gave me some pretty berry-themed fabric and I put some medium-weight adhesive interfacing on it . I took a wooden spoon right out of my kitchen and traced in on some cereal box cardboard to make the template. Then I cut out the spoon shapes from fabric and ironed them on the dishcloths.

Using my new (yay!) sewing machine, I used a buttonhole stitch around the appliques to secure them. Easy and pretty cute!

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  1. A spoonful of strawberries and a spoonful of blueberries :-) how cute they look on that dishcloth!

    - Priti