Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mod Podge Clock (Ikea hack!)

Posted by Kashmira

Anyone that sews knows - when you're immeresed in a fun project, time just flies and everything else falls by the wayside! Partly for this reason and partly to tell the time (since I'm not one of those my-phone-is-attached-to-my-hand people) I'd wanted to have a clock in my work area. On our last trip to Ikea I spied a simple $2 round clock that was begging to be 'modified'. So here's my little Ikea hack!

This is what I gathered:
1) The Ikea clock
2) Mod Podge
3) Paintbrush
4) My trusted selvage strips

Now - before you go accusing me of slathering Mod Podge on any spare surface I find, I just want to say - weeeell.. you might have something there. There is something very addictive about taking a plain surface and transforming it by just spreading on it some good craft stuff and some magic glue stuff!

So I started by selecting some color coordinated selvage strips and decided to go with a blue/green palette with just a hint of yellow thrown in. I measured the (radial) side of the clock by using the incredibly precise method of placing a selvage strip from edge to edge and snipping it just a little longer than required. And so on with the other strips using the first strip as reference.

I wanted to retain a scrappy feel but wanted to have some order to the chaos. So I picked 4 strips of each print and started by placing them at positions 12, 3, 6 and 9. I glued the fabric by first painting some Mod Podge on the clock surface to prevent the strip from moving and then spread some more generously on top of fabric.

Then I chose the next print of fabric that would look good juxtaposed with the previous print and used 4 strips of that to glue them right next to the ones done earlier ... in a clockwise direction, of course. I continued doing that and here's what it looked like in a while.

When I just had a small gap left between each set of strips, I used the bits of yellow print to bring the whole thing together. Finally I placed the clock on an upturned bowl and left it to dry overnight.

The next morning I just snipped off the extra bits of fabric left hanging over the side of the clock and here's time ticking away on my wall!


  1. That turned out super cute!!!

  2. Great craft idea even for kids...lovely finish...

  3. Oh My! You gave the clock an amazing makeover. It looks so bright and colorful and what a creative way to use up the bits and pieces of fabric.

    - Priti