Thursday, March 5, 2015

Crochet Beanies for Teenie Weenies!

Posted by Kashmira

Last week we had our friends over for tea and snacks and it was the unveiling of their brand new 2 month old daughter. Well - at least for us it was, since we saw her for the very first time! 

It is always great fun to make stuff for babies (even if your project turns out a little less than perfect, they couldn't care less!). That's not the only reason of course - there's so many cute knick-knacks out there to make for tots. But this time instead of sewing something, I decided to dust off my crochet needles that hadn't seen the light of day for a long while. I'm completely a novice crocheter, with just a handful of projects like a couple of butterflies and dishcloths under my belt.

But then there is a plethora of helpful youtube videos out there that gives you that experience of actually doing the project with someone right next to you showing you step by step stitches. I got hold of one such tutorial by Happy Berry Crochet to make a little beanie for the tiny tot. I must say, the tutorial is really clear and although this was the very first crochet hat I made I had no problems with it at all. Any fears I had of creating a 'has beenie' instead of a beanie flew out the window once I got started!

I used a multicolored yarn from my limited yarn stash and made this.

Then of course I had to amp up the cute factor by making some type of embellishment. So I cut out the shape of a little birdie from felt, a contrast beak, used some polyfill to plump it up and sewed it shut using a blanket stitch.

And here it is sewn on the little hat with a small branch and a couple of leaves!

Now, while I was busily crocheting this hat my son comes over and after his usual interrogation about what i'm doing, who it's for etc helpfully points out that the baby already has a green hat (which he's noticed when they had come over and actually remembered!) and didn't need another one and can I make him one instead. (At this point he conveniently forgets that he has one too.) 

But then by this point I've realized that, crochet is WAY addictive and I also have some blue-grey yarn that Sis has given me earlier. So I went ahead and made him one. I ran out of the yarn a few rounds before I could complete the toddler hat, so I had no choice but to learn how to change the yarn color and continue crocheting haha! Again, youtube came to the rescue by way of this tutorial. I learned that this process was not at all as big a deal as I'd imagined it would be. I fortunately had some contrast yarn in my son's favorite color that went well with the grey.

For the embellishment I cut two car shapes out of blue felt and a couple of windows and got two buttons. 

First I sewed the windows onto one car shape. Then sewed the car together with a blanket stitch, filled it with polyfill and lastly added the buttons for wheels.

And here's my toddler's beanie!

I do hope the teenie weenies enjoy their new beanies :)

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  1. Awwww! Those two beanies are sooooooo cute! I love the little birdie on the branch and the swanky car. They will look adorable on the two teenie weenies.

    - Priti