Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Door Decor to Welcome Warm Weather!

Posted by Kashmira

Winter's gone, the snow did melt
So I made some flowers out of felt
To say goodbye to winter's gloom
And welcome spring with vibrant blooms!

And without further ado let me spring forward to today's craft - not a bunch, not a bouquet but a whole sackful of felt flowers to spruce up the front door!

I love doing 3D crafts. So this time I decided to make a floral display that looked like they were potted from whichever side you approached the door. I collected the following materials:

1) A used yogurt container, washed and dried.
2) A piece of burlap big enough to cover the container
3) Pieces of felt in different colors
4) Buttons
5) Needles and threads in coordinating colors
6) Green straws
7) Glue gun

I usually make fabric flowers, but knew felt ones would be easiest and quickest. There are tonnes of tutorials on the internet on making felt flowers; I chose these 3 to get three different kinds of blooms.

1) Felt flowers with scalloped petals from Cutesy Crafts

2) Felt roses from Dreamwidth

3) Felt zinnias from Craft Leftovers

Once I got the flowers done, I cut the yogurt container in half to get a cross section. Then I covered the convex surface with the burlap to create the sack effect. I tried stapling it together but it got too thick on the folds. However, the glue gun worked like a charm!

I glued a piece of pom-pom ribbon to the sack just to amp up the cute quotient. Then I stuck a few of the flowers on green straws and reinforced them by using a waste piece of felt across the straw. 

Then came the actual flower arrangement. I started gluing the non-straw flowers to the front edge of the sack first. Then I flipped it over and glued the straws to the back surface after eyeballing the placement from the front first.

And here I've finished arranging all the flowers on the sack. I like how a couple of stems peek out from behind the blooms.

Next I attached thread through the sides of the container - a needle passed through with just a bit of coaxing and finally I hung it up on the front door!


  1. This is so cute! It's going to put a smile on every passerby's face. The poem is sweet too. :-)

    - Priti