Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Upcycled Pringles Can - Make Your Own Pretty Planters

What's summer without some major greenery around to feast your eyes upon? As the days started getting warmer I got busy getting a few plants and sprucing up our apartment balcony some. I have regular plants pots of course lined up on the floor, but I also wanted to beautify one plain wall with flowery plants. 

If you hadn't read the title of this post, would you have guessed that this planter, in it's former life, was a salty addictive snack container? :D

I still had 3 empty Pringles cans saved over from last year which I thought would make interesting hanging accents on the balcony wall. Here's what I gathered to get that done.

1) Empty Pringles can
2) Plastic bag (the size that's usually at vegetable counters at grocery stores)
3) Sticky tape
4) Fabric or paper for planter cover
5) Mod Podge
6) Tools - Scissors, X-acto knife, Paintbrush, Nail + Hammer for making holes
7) Ribbon for hanging it up

1) Start by removing the lid and placing the plastic bag inside the can. I put my hand right to the bottom of the can to make sure I'd got it all the way there to create a waterproof surface. 

2) Place the lid back on, spread the remaining plastic bag over on the outside of the can (much like a veil) and then tape it down to the outer surface.

3) Draw a rectangle on the can about 2" from either end and 3" across. 

4) Cut the rectangular piece out with the X-acto knife by going through the outer layer of plastic and the cardboard of the can. Then pull out the bit of excess plastic through the opening created.

5) Snip away this excess plastic with scissors to create a longish hole.

6) Tape down the inner plastic to the outer plastic across all the edges of the rectangular opening to create a nice waterproof lining for the Pringles can.

7) Now we're ready to cover the can. Cut a circle out of your fabric (or paper) slightly larger in diameter than the circular sides of the can. Glue the circle down and make tiny snips all around the circle every couple centimeters so that the fabric can be glued down the sides of the can. Repeat for the other circular side.

8) Then proceed to cover the entire can and make sure to get a little extra fabric over the sides of the rectangular edges. Finish by adding a layer of Mod Podge to the entire surface to seal it well. 

9) Leave to dry several hours or overnight. Then use the nail and hammer to make 3 holes along the bottom of the can. I poked a ballpoint pen through the holes I bored to make them a little larger for any excess water to drain.

That's it! Now just fill up the can with soil, plant your flowers, tie a ribbon around the sides and hang up your beautiful planters!


  1. Great up-cycling idea!


  2. So pretty and creative!