Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fabric Garden Stakes

There's nothing like an adorable garden stake to add a splash of warmth and color to a patch of greenery. On a recent drive to LaCrosse WI we took the Great River Road and passed through two beautiful towns - Stockholm and Alma. While driving past each town we came across a few interesting boutique stores and just had to stop and go into them. Among all the delightful creations of local artists were garden stakes of course! I feasted my eyes on metal beaded peacocks, blown glass butterflies, ceramic toads, polymer clay lady bugs and the like. 

A few weeks ago when I was beautifying my balcony with potted plants and making Pringles can planters, I also made these quick and very easy fabric garden stakes!

Here's what I used:

1) Some pretty fabric. (I used a cute bug print from S.R. Harris, Minneapolis. I had just got it to add to my fabric collection and realized that the 2" * 2" bugs would make perfect stakes.)
2) Hard felt remnants
3) Bamboo skewers
4) Sticky tape or needle and thread

Step 1: Start by cutting a small piece of fabric to the desired shape/ size.

Step 2: Cut a piece of felt about an inch larger than the fabric piece on all sides.

Step 3: Sew the fabric onto the felt by using zigzag stitch.

Step 4: Trim excess felt to create a border/ frame.

Step 4: Attach the bamboo skewer to the back of the prepared piece either using a bit of sticky tape or by making a couple of stitches with needle and thread.

Step 5: Stick 'em in your favorite planters and you're done!


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