Monday, October 13, 2014

3D Fabric Applique - Part 2 (Scallops Cupcake)

Posted by Kashmira

Welcome to part 2 of our 3D applique series in which we bring to you three different techniques to sew textured cupcakes. These applique methods can easily be adapted to any other motif you like!

As part 1 of this series we made a 3D applique using ruffles technique. If you haven't seen that post, here it is.

So on with today's cupcake. We will be using the scallops technique for our second 3D applique method.

Here's what I used:
1) Two pieces of burgundy cotton fabric 5" * 3" (for the bottom tier)
2) Two pieces of red printed cotton fabric 3.5" * 3" (for the middle tier)
3) Two piece of pink cotton fabric 2.5" * 3" (for the top tier)
4) A piece of brown cotton fabric 3.5" * 3.5" (for cupcake liner)
5) A piece of off-white cotton fabric 8" * 8" as applique background
6) A pink button
7) Old newspaper/ junk mail for cutting pattern

Step 1A: On a piece of old newspaper I drew a rectangle 3.5" * 1.5". Within that rectangle I drew 3 scallops and cut the shape out to get the bottom tier. I did the same to get the middle and top tiers from rectangles 2.5" * 1.5" and 1.25" * 1.5" respectively.

Step 1B: Then I just rounded the corners of each tier so that the final cupcake shape would look softer.

Step 2: Then I put the pink (top tier) fabric pieces right side together and drew the pattern outline in the center of the fabric.

Similarly, I put the middle tier fabric pieces right sides together, centered the middle tier pattern and drew the outline. Ditto for the bottom tier.

Step 3: Pin each tier fabrics together and sew on the outline drawn. Sew as carefully as possible on each curve and use a smaller stitch length to ensure small bites of fabric. This helps in getting smoother curves. IMP: Leave the top gap completely open on each tier.
Step 4: Make notches and cuts along the scallop curves. Nice, rounded curves totally depends on this step, so it's ok to spend time doing this carefully.
Step 5: Turn each scallop tier inside out, fold the open raw edges inside towards each other and give it a good press. Ta-da! Scrumptious scallops done!
Step 6: Cut a cupcake liner shape by folding your fabric in half and cutting a slanting edge on one side.
Step 7: Position the cupcake liner to background fabric and applique in place using zigzag stitch.

Step 8: Time to assemble the cupcake! I positioned the bottom tier over the top edge of cupcake liner. Remember the open edges of the tier that we turned towards each other and pressed in step 5? As we sew on this folded edge (using straight stitch), we achieve two things at the same time: the tier gets attached to the background fabric and the open gap also gets closed.
Step 9: Similarly position the middle tier in the center of the bottom tier and sew in place.

Step 10: Lastly, position and sew the top tier on the middle tier and finish by putting a cherry on top by sewing the pink button on.

Voila! Our scallop cupcake is fresh off the machine! See you next week for our final 3D applique cupcake. Hope you're enjoying it so far!

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