Thursday, October 2, 2014

FREE ePattern and tutorial: Fountain pen coffee cup cozy

Posted by Kashmira

My toddler son and I are best buddies - every single day for the two years of his life, I'm the one he's spent maximum time with. We hang out together, eat together, play together... when i'm in the shower he sits right outside the door (howling), when I go to another room, he's right there too. You're starting to get the picture? (Disturbing visions of Buster and his mom from Arrested Development coming to mind?)

So when a couple of months ago he started day care twice a week, you can imagine how painful the first few weeks were for him, as also for everyone else involved, including his teachers. But eventually he did settle down and got quite attached to them. Then when we heard that one of his teachers was leaving to go back to her hometown, we were of course quite sad about it. 

His teacher's an upbeat, kind young lady who's really good with kids and I wanted to make her something as a farewell and to show my gratitude. I'd learned she loves coffee and wants to be a writer some day, so after some thought I decided to make her a coffee cup cozy in the shape of a fountain pen.

Here's how it turned out - a little comical, but it does it's job! 

And if you'd like to make one too, here's some basic information:
Level: Beginner/Intermediate. (No complex sewing techniques required other than sewing on curves.)

Time Required: 1.5 hours or less

You’ll need basic sewing tools:  Sewing machine, scissors or cutting mat and rotary cutter, pins, ruler or tape measure, tailor’s chalk or fabric marker, thread, iron for pressing.

Fabric supplies:
Fabric sizes for purchasing are indicated below. However, this project calls for relatively small pieces of fabric which you likely already have in your fabric stash. Please refer to the sizes in brackets which indicate what will actually be used for the project.

1) ¼ yard or 1 Fat Quarter dark blue fabric for the pen body (One fabric piece size 7" * 4" required)
2) ¼ yard or 1 Fat Quarter orange/ yellow fabric for the accent sections and nib (One fabric piece size 5" * 4"  and one fabric piece size 4" * 4" required)
3) ¼ yard or 1 Fat Quarter lining fabric in coordinating color (One fabric piece size 12" * 5" required)
4) ¼ yard batting (One piece size 12" * 5" required)
5) One small brown button
6) One elastic hair tie/ hair band

Link to our FREE ePattern and Tutorial: Download the ePattern and Tutorial here

So, did you hear about the coffee that tasted like mud because it was just ground a few minutes ago?

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  1. That is such a kind and thoughtful gift. :-) I am amazed at how you come up with such brilliant ideas. I am sure the teacher loved it and it will remind her of her dream time and again. Can't wait to see your next craft project. Good Luck!

    - Priti

    - Priti